70th Anniversary
Salzburg Global Seminar at 70

Salzburg Global Seminar’s mission is to challenge current and future leaders to solve issues of global concern. The non-profit organization designs, facilitates, and hosts strategic multi-year programs, connecting people from all regions of the world.

Since July 15, 1947, Salzburg Global has supported more than 30,000 Fellows. What started as a one-off six-week seminar has grown to become a game-changing catalyst for global engagement on problems in education, health, environment, economics, governance, peace-building and more. 

This website captures the broad range of people who have attended Salzburg Global and – in many cases – the source of inspiration which led them to seek positive change. Using this website, visitors can learn more about the organization's history and how to help Salzburg Global celebrate 70 years of change-making and bridging divides. For more information on Salzburg Global, please click here.

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